Top tips for the groom on his wedding morning

Don’t forget the groom! 

So much of the wedding advice and planning guidance that is out there is aimed at brides. Weddings are seen as predominantly female led instead of something that a couple will plan and look forward to together. Rest assured I’m not that old fashioned! I know that two men can plan an amazing wedding, I know that you grooms are equally as important as your wife to be and that’s why I love joining the guys in the morning to get some groom prep photos. 

Typical wedding photography coverage

My most popular wedding photography package includes all day coverage. Naturally most people take that to mean I join the bride and her girls in the morning and document the hair, the makeup, the dresses and the popping of fizz. Which is true, I love being around for those moments. I also love combining it with some groom prep, going and hanging out with the guys. Photographing the confusion around ties and pocket squares, the obligatory “final” pints before everyone heads to the ceremony, the last minute speech writing…

There are photographs of bridal preparations on every wedding blog so grooms are always a bit confused when I suggest joining them in the morning. They worry that I’ll photograph them while they’re getting dressed (I definitely won’t!) or that I’ll make them pose for hours on end (I promise I won’t do that either)! 

Groom prep photographs – some top tips

So what happens during groom prep? What is there for me to take pictures of? Here are a few handy hints. 

A chilled out morning 

When I arrive it’s likely that you’ll all be enjoying a bacon butty or two. Don’t rush around and start panicking you need to get ready, just carry on. I’ll photograph you chatting away with your mates, perhaps having a beer in the garden or even kicking a ball around. Whatever you need to do to relax. I could even join you for an early morning round of golf if that’s your thing. 

All the details

When it’s time for you all to start getting ready I’ll ask you to get dressed in your suit trousers and shirt, but to leave things like cufflinks, tie, pocket square etc until you’re all gathered together (preferably in the room with the best light). I’ll then photograph you helping each other out, googling “how to fold a pocket square” or watching Youtube videos showing you how to tie a tie. There’s always a lot of confusion and laughter at this point which can make for great pictures! Let me know if anything has any special meaning, perhaps your watch was a 21st birthday present or your cufflinks used to belong to a grandparent. I love to hear the stories behind sentimental items and of course I definitely want to take a picture of them. 


It’s often surprising for grooms to hear but a morning with the groom and groomsmen is as full of emotion as bridal prep can be. The nerves, the laughter, the banter. It’s all there and I love capturing it! It’s easy for me to say, but try your best to ignore me and just concentrate on being with your friends and family. 

Favourite things

I love it when grooms have made sure they’ve got a bit of a treat for themselves on their wedding morning. It might be booking in for a shave at the barbers, buying a blend of your favourite whiskey to enjoy ahead of the ceremony or treating yourself to a slap up brunch somewhere ahead of the ceremony. Whatever makes you happy and will add that special touch to your day is worth doing. 

And remember…

Morning prep photos aren’t for you, they’re for your other half to look back on and see what you got up to just before you got married. Couples always tell me how much they love looking back and seeing what the other was doing on the morning of their wedding. These are the unseen moments for them and make looking through your wedding gallery for the first time even more special. 

So, how about it? Fancy having both morning preparations photographed on your big day, let me know!

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