About Me

UK Editorial Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Kamila

Hello, I’m Kamila Nowak. An editorial wedding photographer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

Welcome to a world where every moment becomes a timeless tale. I’m an editorial wedding photographer passionate about weaving narratives through the lens of my camera.

My journey in photography is a testament to my love for storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of artistry, I embark on each wedding as a unique canvas, ready to paint the story of your love in every frame.

Driven by a commitment to unparalleled service, I believe in quality over quantity, choosing to dedicate myself to a select number of weddings each year. This allows me to devote undivided attention to every couple, ensuring an experience that’s as extraordinary as your love story.

My approach is rooted in elegance, sophistication, and the editorial aesthetic. I aim not just to capture moments but to curate an editorial journey that reflects your style, emotions, and the essence of your celebration.

For me, photography goes beyond images; it’s about encapsulating emotions, preserving memories, and crafting a visual narrative that stands the test of time. I invite you to embark on a bespoke journey with me, where your wedding becomes an editorial masterpiece, a celebration of your unique story.

Let’s transform your moments into captivating tales—moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.