Frequently asked Questions

Do you do group shots?

Yes, I do. However, I advise you to limit the number. From experience, I know that doing more can be very tiring for you and your guests. By limiting the group shots, we are saving your precious time for natural, unposed wedding photography and for your wedding portraits (because these are the ones you will hang on your wall).

Bride and Groom in front of a wedding car.

How long will you be at the wedding?

My coverage begins with morning preparations and finishes after the first dance (usually around 8pm).

Can you supply a second photographer for the day?

Yes – I work with a network of trusted photographers. Let’s talk details!

How long does it take to receive our photos and how many do we get?

I normally allow up too 10 weeks. However, I try to get them delivered earlier.

I’d never limit the number of photos you receive. However, the minimum I tend to deliver is 400 beautifully edited digital photographs in my signature style.

What if we don’t like our photo being taken or don’t like posing?

You’re in good hands! It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when doing portraits. I never ask you to look at the camera and I never ask you to say ‘cheese’. I am confident you will have such a good time that you will forget about posing.

What happens if your camera breaks? Do you have back up equipment?

Yes. I always have backup cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries and more. I also shoot on dual card cameras to prevent any data loss.

Are you insured?

I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

What happens if you are ill?

I’ve never failed to show up at any wedding and I would have to be very ill (bed bound) for this to happen. In the unlikely event of this happening, I have a network of amazing photographers who can step in at short notice.

What if it rains or snows?

We go outdoors and create some magic. We will have an amazing time capturing your portraits, regardless of the weather.

Be prepared though! Bring your favourite wellies and umbrellas!

We love your work! How can we make a booking?

First of all, head to the CONTACT ME page and tell me all about your love story and your wedding plans. If I am available for your wedding day, let’s chat! Once you sign the contract and pay a deposit, I am all yours! I won’t talk to any other brides or grooms wanting to book me for your date.

How far will you travel?

I’m happy to discuss weddings taking place anywhere in the UK. I also book a limited number of destination weddings every year.

Can I purchase an album after the wedding?

You can purchase an album at any time. Some of my clients order these for Christmas or on their first Anniversary.