Five top tips for amazing confetti photographs

Everybody loves a confetti photo. It’s happy, joyful, full of colour and that moment normally marks the start of the wedding celebrations. But how can you make sure that your photographs look epic? Here are my top tips for outstanding, colourful confetti photographs. 

Go big! 

Big is ALWAYS better when it comes to confetti. To get those epic photos – you know the ones, a smiling couple emerging from a sea of colourful confetti surrounded by cheering guests – then the more confetti the better! 

Once you’ve bought loads (make sure you provide confetti, the days of guests bringing their own are long gone) then buy even more. Just to be sure! 

Don’t worry about the little envelopes or cones that some companies provide. Fill a couple of big baskets and let guests pick handfuls out. 

Think of the environment

I always encourage my couples to buy biodegradable confetti. That way you get your confetti moment (and amazing photos) with no impact on the environment. 

To add even more ‘EPIC’ to your photos you can even buy biodegradable confetti canons! 

Lots of venues will only allow biodegradable confetti too. Which brings me on to…

Check the rules

Each church and venue will have their own rules on confetti. Mainly around where it can be thrown and what type of confetti they like you to have. Always check with them before you get your heart set on a particular spot or style of confetti, just in case! 

Keep your eyes open!

 It’s only natural to close your eyes when people are throwing things at you. But trust me, closed eyes won’t look great on your photos! 

So, fight those instincts! Always look up, keep your eyes open and smile. Also, walk don’t run! You’ll be surprised at how many couples stride quickly down their confetti aisle. Take your time, slow down and maybe even stop for a kiss. 

All of your guests will be cheering, clapping and celebrating you both so enjoy it! 

Trust your photographer

Once the ceremony is over I’ll have a quick chat with your wedding party about arranging the confetti shot. Normally I’ll ask guests to form an aisle somewhere outside, wherever the best light is. Then your trusted helpers can walk down the aisle with the baskets of confetti so everyone can take a huge handful. 

I’ll ask everyone to stand nice and close to each other, and then as you start to make your way down the aisle I’ll get them to throw their confetti nice and high into the air so it creates the perfect flutter as it falls down onto you. 

So there you have it, my tips for the best confetti photographs. Here are some of my recent favourites. 

Happy couple walking through confetti
Happy couple walking through confetti

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